Uniforms 2017-2018


Preschool Uniforms are mandatory Monday—Thursday. Friday will be free dress

BOYS & GIRLS:Khaki or Navy bottoms:

Pants, shorts, jumpers, scooter skorts with pleats, or flare pants


Any solid color polo shirt. (yellow, light blue, pink, white, etc)

Long or short -sleeves (depending on weather)

you may alternate colors by the day


Black rubber-sole closed in shoes


White , light blue , or Yellow Socks

White Tights/Knee Socks Only

* Uniforms are mandatory for all preschool and kindergarten students. A $4.00 fee per day will be added to your child’s account if failure to wear uniforms.*

All items were found online at:Target—www.target.com / Wal-Mart- www.walmart.com/ Payless-www.payless.comFor more information please feel free to contact me at: 485-7656





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